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—  Welcome to Cultured Slice  —

We serve quality, hard to find, artisan and gourmet cheese from around the world and a variety of delicious pairings to complement them. 



“Thank you for [the] amazing charcuterie board last night! Your combinations of flavors were beyond delicious! We look forward to ordering through CULTURED SLiCE again.” – Lisa E.

“Thank you for the wonderful cheeses and delicious treats that graced our table at Thanksgiving! Such a beautiful and tasty display! It was a wonderful way to keep everyone happy while we cooked the big bird. And the caramel was the best finishing touch at dessert time!” – Tina S.

“[The] cheese plate was SOOOO good!” – Maureen R.

“That caramel is like the best thing I ever tasted!!!…seriously…I am a caramel aficionado and that’s the best I’ve ever had!” – Rosie M.

Cheese is produced in a diverse range of flavors, shapes, sizes and aromas all over the world. Specialty shops provide a large selection and carry some distinct and unusual cheeses. The variety can make it difficult to decide what to buy. The cheesemonger is the expert and should be available to advise you and answer questions. CULTURED SLiCE is honored to share our knowledge, selection, quality, artisan and gourmet cheeses with you. We are passionate about our cultured products and all the pairings that go with them to provide you, or whomever you are entertaining, with a delicious and sophisticated snack or meal. Speaking of entertaining…we love a good celebration or intimate little gathering! We offer a variety of cheese boards and gift baskets that are perfect for every occasion. We also design gorgeous custom boards for your special engagements or corporate gatherings. Contact us to place an order or for more information.



Our Cheeses...