Netflix & Cheese

Ever wondered which cheeses to pair with your favorite Netflix shows? Well look no further! We've paired up our stinky (& delicious) favs with our go-to classics! Forget Netflix & Chill, read on and find out which match up is perfect for your perfect night in...


Stranger Things & (Dema)Gorgonzola


Stranger Things & Gorgonzola

Demagorgonzola, anyone? Cuddle up (& cower!) with a nice slice of Gorgonzola as you explore the Upside Down with Eleven, Mike, and the whole crew. A slightly buttery consistency, this blue has a slight bite just like those “demo-dogs”! It’s also slightly salty, just like Dustin, when the new girl makes a big romantic choice. Pair it with an aged red wine.


Mad Men & Whiskey Cheddar

As you watch Don Draper work his advertising magic, and put back glass after glass, munch down on your own treat, Kerrygold’s Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey. Let this (slightly more kid friendly) cheddar take your taste buds on a deliciously buzzed journey as you follow the Sterling Cooper drama from your couch.


Orange Is The New Black & Roelli Haus Cheddar

This cheddar may just be a brighter orange than Chapman’s new jumpsuit. As smooth as Nichols’ moves but with a robust flavor more powerful than Red’s hold on the kitchen, you’ll have downed the entire chunk before Piper and Alex get back together, the first time.


Grace And Frankie & Purple Haze

This fresh and delicious combo of lavender and wild fennel pollen is as wonderful as the Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda on-screen chemistry. You’ll be loving every moment of Grace & Frankie, and every bite of Cypress Grove’s Purple Haze! Plus we think Frankie would love this goat cheese’s not-so-subtle hazy name.


The Crown & Shropshire Blue

If you haven’t already binged The Crown, we know you’ll need an appropriately British snack to go with it. The blue veins in the cheese are the perfect pairing as you follow the blue-blooded royals in all of their dramatic escapades.


The Good Place & Saint Angel

An incredibly underrated show needs an underappreciated delight to go along with it! If you haven’t stocked up on Saint Angel yet, you’re going to need to buy up some of this this triple creme brie. Kristen Bell has made it to heaven and now you can too as you watch her struggle to keep her secret in The Good Place. Pair it with a sparkling wine that we know Eleanor Shellstrop would have loved.


Gilmore Girls & Barely Buzzed

Gilmore Girls is a great American classic, just like Beehive Cheese’s Barely Buzzed. As Lorelai put it best, all we need for a great day is “coffee, coffee, coffee”! Just like the show, this espresso and lavender rubbed cheddar style cheese will keep you constantly coming back for more. Pairs well with a trip to Luke’s or a cold port, stout, or ale.


Kate Young